CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® (HSP) Pipe Protection Plan

  • As your natural gas utility, CenterPoint Energy is responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable natural gas distribution system that serves your home up to and including the meter that measures your natural gas use.
  • Homeowner responsibility begins from the meter on. It’s up to you to maintain a safe, reliable gas piping system within your home and to purchase, maintain, and operate safe, efficient appliances.
  • CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus (a non-regulated offering of CenterPoint Energy) is one of a wide variety of qualified sources you can choose when you want to purchase home comfort products and services, including repair of customer-owned interior gas pipes.


The Pipe Protection Plan provides repairs on customer-owned interior gas pipes. Installing new gas pipes or moving an existing gas pipe or other similar services are available at an additional cost.

  1. Pipe Protection Plan eligibility is limited to: A) residential CenterPoint Energy natural gas customers, B) who own a stand-alone, single-family residence, and C) whose existing pipes currently meet local, state, and federal codes.
  2. The Pipe Protection Plan is an annual contract that you are purchasing for one full year. To assure continued protection, this contract will be renewed automatically at the end of 12 months at regular prices (non-promotional prices and terms then in effect) unless cancelled by you or Home Service Plus® in writing to the other within thirty (30) days of your contract anniversary date.  Further, in the case of a material change to these terms and conditions, you may also cancel this contract within thirty (30) days of your being notified of such change by giving written notice to CenterPoint Energy. 
  3.  For your convenience, if you move from the covered residence during the term of Plan service, your Pipe Protection Plan contract will be transferred to your new address, if it is within HSP’s repair service territory. When you transfer your account, your Pipe Protection Plan anniversary date will be adjusted, with the 12-month term beginning on your transfer date.
  4. If payments are late, CenterPoint Energy may demand immediate payment of the greater of the entire amount you owe under the terms of this contract or immediate payment of the cost (labor and parts), of all service provided to you less any payments made by you to CenterPoint Energy.  Further, if your Repair Plan account reaches 120 days past due, CenterPoint Energy will cancel your Repair Plan, including all optional coverage.  You remain liable for the amount owed at date of cancellation as set forth above.  
  5. Gas pipes must be readily accessible and exposed. The Pipe Protection Plan does not offer coverage on unexposed pipes and we will not perform work to expose unexposed pipes. If you choose to expose the piping, you are solely responsible for any restoration and associated restoration costs (examples include drywall or plaster and ceiling repairs or replacement).
  6. You must provide safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the pipes in your home.
  7. CenterPoint Energy  is not responsible for any form of damages, including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or other forms of damages, claims, assessments or demands, resulting from: (1) delays in providing service, (2) unavailability of parts, (3) labor difficulties, strikes, etc., (4) natural disasters or other force majeure, or (5) any other conditions beyond the control of  CenterPoint Energy. Under no circumstances shall  CenterPoint Energy be liable for any attorneys' fees, costs of investigation, court costs or other assessments incurred in any legal action brought relating to this contract. Under no circumstances shall  CenterPoint Energy be liable for indirect, consequential, incidental or similar damages, and any liability shall be limited to the amount of payments made by the customer to  CenterPoint Energy under this contract during the term in which the claim arose.
  8. Under the Pipe Protection Plan, if a permit is required by local, state, or federal codes we will obtain the proper permit and you will be responsible for the cost of the required work permit and will be notified of this at the time of service.



  1. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover inspections and maintenance of customer-owned interior natural gas pipes.
  2. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover corrugated stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, brass pipe, or cast iron pipe.
  3. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover correction of customer-owned gas pipe code violations. These violations may include, for example, the lack of or improper location of a shut-off valve. If additional work not covered under the Pipe Protection Plan is required and you request CenterPoint Energy to perform this work, you will be responsible for the additional charges.
  4. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover charges for service or parts you have others provide.
  5. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover installing new customer-owned gas pipes or moving existing customer-owned gas pipe, but this service is available at additional cost.
  6. The Pipe Protection Plan is not available for mobile homes, multi-family dwellings (including apartment buildings, duplex, multiplex, condos). The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover exterior pipes to outbuildings or other structures not attached to the primary residence. Unexposed customer-owned pipes, such as piping located behind walls, in finished ceilings, under floors, in crawl spaces, in attics, or underground are not covered.
  7. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover any material, parts and labor required as the result of abuse, vandalism, fire, freezing, acts of God, power or water supply outages, flooded cellars, tampering with gas utility facilities or theft of gas, devices or equipment used to regulate gas pressure or gas boosters, or other abnormal conditions. CenterPoint Energy® will not be required to provide Pipe Protection Plan services until any asbestos hazard is eliminated and CenterPoint Energy® determines, at its discretion, that no hazard exists.
  8. The Pipe Protection Plan does not cover repairs to gas appliances. If you have an existing Home Service Plus® Repair Plan contract, those repairs may be covered under that contract.